The Ultimate Employee Recruiting System

Dedicated Campaign Team
No more recruiter commissions
We screen every candidate with your keywords
We question every candidate
We book the best candidates on your calendar
Full Functioning CRM
Bulk Packages Available for Scaling

How HiringGenerator Works

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Utilizing our tried-and-true system, we secure 20+ interested candidates that are right for your location and company’s style. With our company, every opportunity that we provide you with has opted into speaking with you. We prove this with every source that our opportunities come from whether it is screenshots and resumes from their applications. We source every candidate that we reach out to and we build our own lists. We do not buy lists. Every one of our clients enjoys a fresh target list of candidates specifically built for our outreach efforts with their campaigns. We also go to great lengths in order to cross reference our data and ensure we are not soliciting people from your organization. If your company operates on a recruitment policy or pledge, then please rest assured that we work in alignment with your commitment and make every effort that we can to not cross any lines.

Candidates apply for your position.

We craft a successful marketing message that has been AB tested and then we compose that into a Job position and syndicate it across all of the job boards we use. This makes your position available on all search engines. When the interested candidates  apply for the position, we ask up to 4 questions in the screening process. After they apply, the next step is for our team to set the appointment for you.

We simply ask the candidates if they would be interested!

We have conversations with candidates and ask them if they are willing to look at your opportunity. If they say yes, then we tell them about you and work to set the appointment with you. We get you the early opportunity to speak with these candidates  who are considering a move.

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Can you use my List? 


This is where we provide drip campaigns on an email list that you provide. This process is very effective because we request sit-downs or coffee meetings to discuss the possibility of the candidates moving over to your company. Once these candidates show interest, then we set the meeting directly onto your calendar.

We have mastered online employment marketing. We often use this approach as part of your guaranteed list of candidates; And you can purchase 25-30 more leads for an additional amount. We provide a larger bulk discount available so that you can scale your recruiting efforts with ease.


These candidates are typically coming in with high quality. From our recent internal study, we found that 25 percent of these leads ended up booking appointments just from our automated booking system. After this, a bunch more of them ended up booking appointments once we added our Live Q to the program which consists of 150+ team members following up with them to schedule appointments.

Simply drag and drop your candidate to “Missed Appointments“ in the CRM we provide.

If the candidate does not show up to your meeting, then we will start the booking process all over again and begin attempting to book that opportunity back onto your calendar! The best part about this is that we do not charge an additional fee, nor will this count towards your new opportunity generation if an opportunity is booked for a second time. By having our live Q team of people working to re-book warm opportunities, your conversions will continue to climb over time making this program more powerful for the growth of your organization. Once we rebook the appointment, it will show up directly on your calendar as a new appointment!

We use Job Board Syndications along with 3 other major lead generation strategies that will make your recruiting process bulletproof. We then work the candidates for you and book your appointments, while also taking all of your missed appointments and re-working them to get them back on your calendar. We handpick the quality opportunities and move them to the top of the list for you while also removing the bad opportunities so that you do not have to. We basically do the entire recruiting process while you just show up for the interviews.

Building Or Growing a Company is not something that YOU do alone, but rather something YOU MUST systemize so that the law of averages can take over.

Finally... a solution that works

Measurable, Guaranteed Results

Our consistent and predictable results provide our clients with a benchmark that they can rely on. If you’re not getting 20+ interested Candidates per month after the initial 1 month set up period, we will double down and make sure that you are never shorted. It’s not just good business, it’s a promise.

Don’t buy software, buy results!

Honest pricing.

No long contracts.

$890.00 /Month

  • Dedicated Campaign Team
  • No more recruiter commissions
  • We screen every candidate with your keywords
  • We question every candidate
  • We book the best candidates on your calendar
  • Full Functioning CRM
  • Bulk Packages Available for Scaling
This includes a full functioning CRM, job board management, direct messaging efforts, custom social media ads and 20-25 interested leads. We do all of your communication around the clock which includes booking the appointments onto your calendar and rebooking any missed appointments.

Don't just take our word for it

See what our clients have to say


As long as you would like to keep producing and growing your recruitment efforts.  But no less than 90 days because Initial results compound over the first 90 days which allows us to predict long term success

We market in over 4-5 different media outlets to produce the interested candidates.  At the time of interest, each person is required to answer 1-4 questions depending on the marketing medium we use.  If the questions we ask are met with a Yes, then it becomes an opportunity for our team to work and book onto your calendar! 

When a person comes into our CRM as an interested candidates, we hit them hard with our team by following up for 3-4 days in order to book them into your calendar. If they haven’t booked after those 3-4 days, we move them into what we call “user takeover”. This is where you step in and do your part by either disregarding them or by having your team put them into a long term nurture process, considering we have already hit them with our teams.


As for the people that DO book an appointment on your calendar, after the initial meeting is done, you will take over and control the follow up with them. If the Opportunity missed the meeting, then you simply drag and drop them back into “MISSED APPOINTMENT” and we will start all over again with our follow up process in order to set the appointment.

All your costs are included in the $1400 monthly payment.  We don’t charge a separate start up fee because we like to set expectations correctly with our pricing and do not like to catch anyone off guard. Our clients also know that we produce and they choose to stay for a long time. 

The only price alterations would occur in the event that you want to increase the production.  In this case, we will give you a custom quote for your area and package size.

This is a hard question!  We do have several clients getting anywhere from 10-30% percent close ratios on the people that they speak with. However, Let us be clear that this is possible but only with the right amount of commitment and follow up.  Having a close rate of 5-6% out of the people you have spoken to is a nice place to start.  If you ever wanted to see some examples of live results that we have with current clients, then just ask your sales rep and they would be glad to show you.  Truly predictable results do not become clear until around 90 days when you have 60-75 candidates with actual numbers to show consistent results.  

We have a team that gets on social media and starts conversations in order to build relationships and then we use those conversations to solve the issues the prospect might have by offering them another brokerage to consider. If the opportunity is interested, then we set the date and time with them to speak with you. After this, we take screenshots and load this into the crm while setting the appointment in order to provide context for every appointment that is set. 

We craft your value position into a job posting and then we market that position on as many syndications that are available for your area; In doing this, we attract applicants and we screen them with a layer of questions. After they have applied, we then send them a message in order to set up an appointment to meet with you. Now the applicant has to take the next step and set the appointment. We make the applicants work to get on your schedule so that we can get the serious people in front of you.

  1. Click “Start recruiting now”
  2. Fill out the form and click “Next” 
  3. Fill out the Credit Card info and click “Confirm Order” 
  4. Fill out the questionnaire
  5. After this, we will reach out to you and start the onboarding process within 24-48 hours.